Friday, October 15, 2010

Victor Hugo and Troy Brauntuch

The guy who wrote Les Mis, and Notre-Dame; when he was bored between writing iconic French literature made some of themost fantastic ink drawings I've ever seen.

The internet is seriously lacking in his work; the Drawing Center has a book called "Shadows of the Hand" that is phenomenal and should be looked at if the opportunity ever arises, it has alot more of his abstract works (if you consider google image search it looks like he only ever drew Gothic castles).

I also really like this NY artist Troy Brauntuch; a teacher complained that he was cool, but now he's been doing the same thing for years and it's a little too slick... (i.e. he makes boatloads selling really classy looking, very clean stuff to rich people). Conte on black canvas, cool no?

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  1. I dig the octopus muchly.

    i'm assuming the first 4 are victor hugo and the last 2 are the other guy?

    you need to structure you posts better woman!