Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hung Liu

Artist: Hung Liu - painting over archival photographs, she blurs and runs the paint to subvert the Chinese propaganda tradition she was originally trained in.


  1. *like*

    Which ones are over photographs? the ones in the first picture seem too large to be photos.

  2. I'm not sure, but i think all/almost all? Size isn't an issue so much, I'm printing a photo on canvas later this month and it's prob gonna be 4'x4'

    Actually her painting style is really close to yours, and the subject matter is comparable to some of your vintage-photo stuff too. You should stalk her website much.

  3. Ouuu you have the fancy canvas printers eh? That was a hot topic in Christine's painting class this morning actually. She wants the department to get one and offer a photoshop/painting course that she would teach.
    Which lead into a debate about digital painting and if it could be considered fine art on it's own or not.

    There were some raised voices.

  4. also we discussed how Christine's vacuum is german... but i don't know how that relates to anything...