Sunday, October 3, 2010

dilly dali

i went to a moustache and sunglasses party last nite with facial hair that would maybe make dali proud then comment on how he dreamt up the whole party and that this isn't even reality because you can't silmultaneously exist in two states of consciousness, who cares, smoke cigarettes.  wow is that a melting clock overthere?


that party was one of the highlights of a rather hilarious day.
i am working on tons of stuff right now for an art show that my aunt is hosting on october 15th in elmvale, ontario (not elmvale by ottawa, elmvale by springwater twsp)  it's good except i need to start paying more attention to my actual studio classes.  i started a really huge drawing today for monday morns' studio, tho.


it's a baby blueprint right now.

i should probably go to the studio, but my glass isn't empty yet.


1 comment:

  1. that party sounds amazing, as does that art show. good luck!

    And oooh i like your drawing concept!