Saturday, October 30, 2010

amerrrrika, AMERIKA

hi everyone, i don't know why i spelled the country's name just like jerry rubin, but i did.
so there.  YUPPIES.
i don't even think i have anything to link to right now, or even a pretty picture to put up.  sorry.
however, i just spent a week in arizona (at least i think it was a week) and within that time frame i saw approximately 2, 301 saguaros, told maybe 18 lies, wrote some music, ate four gourmet cookies (delish), and had one sweet sweet lucid dream (finally again).
now i am packing and leaving and getting on a plane in the morning, just in time for a party back in homelandottawa (sincerely one word)
no more smear campaigns haunting my television!  because i don't have a television back home!  yaaaaay!
OK i lied (#~19), here's a picture, it's my new guitar.  i bought it in a sketchy county, through an intreenet ad, hooray!

my sleep cycle is gonna be silly back in the ex-colony.  no more underage beers&tequila in barz :-(

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