Monday, October 18, 2010


So if you don't already know who Tao Lin is, you do now. He's know mainly for his strange literary publications, including such titles as "Shoplifting from American Apparel" and "Richard Yates". But it seems recently he has been branching out to the visual arts.

I loled. Hard. This guy's a genius.

Tao Lin: How to Draw a Hamster from Graham Kolbeins on Vimeo.


  1. Sarah we have a gentlemen's disagreement.... I kinda loathe him.

  2. yes he's a bit obnoxious in a kind of Hirst-y way. But I think what he's doing is interesting if not simply entertaining. The fact that he's doing something that gets such an intense reaction from people (both positive and violently negative) is impressive in itself. such is the nature of Post modernity.

    In short, your hipster rage is misdirected.

  3. I think that comparison is extremely generous.

    I'll concede entertainment value.