Saturday, October 9, 2010

So I'm hanging out with a friend of mine on her bed and I comment on how much I prefer beds that have no box-spring and are just a mattress on the floor.

Now I'm like most other people and enjoy xkcd and I recall this comic:

Remembering this comic I come to the the obvious conclusion: I am an adult! I live on my own! I can do whatever I want and by God I should totally get rid of my bed-frame and put my mattress on the floor just like I'd prefer.

However, my bed-frame is too big and too difficult to fit through the doorway to actually be thrown out of my apartment. This means that due to a stupid chance of events (ie the person before me just happening to purchase this particular bed-frame which is difficult to move) I can't live out my childhood dream of just having a mattress on the floor. At least not quite yet. . .

Damn you universe! *Shakes fist*


  1. I want a bed on the floor too! Someday I will have a japanese style floor-mattress thing.

  2. you can't take the bed frame apart?

    anyway, big bed frames are good for making forts so i say keep it.

  3. nah its like one massive unit that I dunno how to take apart and im not sure exactly how they got it up here.

    There are also zero tools in this apartment with which to take it apart. Also, bedroom is to small to make a fort

    @Al. Someday is precisely the idea I'm getting at. Why not right now? Because the world never seems to let you do what you want when you want to.