Sunday, September 12, 2010


"Outdoor Auditorium"

I still have to add an parked car behind... and then other background imagery is undecided. And finish what I've started of course. It's 4ft x 4ft.


  1. LOOOOVEEEEE. they look like geometric rice fields. which is everything i love put together. geometircs, rice, and... fields..

    also, your studio looks all clean and modern! INSANITY!

  2. Lonely Hopper-esque heroin-chic is my aesthetic. I still dunno what the background is gonna be. One idea was a faded cabin. We will see... the broken down car behind the person is gonna get added tmrw probably.

    The studio is brand new, it's so clean it freaks the prof out.

  3. i kinda like it bleak and empty. it would be cool if the canvas was taller and there was an even larger area of undefined space.

  4. lol i love sarahs first comment hahahahahahhahaha
    AND NICE dude. looks awesome :)

  5. more heroin chic!
    also, while the study is clean, outside the studio is NYC, which is dirty and smelly.
    There's also a dead body in a corner outside of the photo