Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Is my car ok where I left it?" (WIPs, they are all in progress)

Paintings? Paintings!

There should be one more in this series, the same size as the one bellow; it will probably be JM looking equally distressed. Teach likes concept so far, so we continue. I need to go camera shopping... since my last one was stolen I've been taking pics with my phone, which is ok for general shapes, but not for details.


  1. Heyy check me out! I'm all there and shit.
    Are you using acrylics or oil?

    p.s. I'm liking the buildings in the first one!

  2. Golden open acryl; but lots of ink still.

    THIS btw. By director named Alejandro, who did 21 Grams and Babel.

  3. Creepy prof comment of the day regarding painting:

    "I would feel more sympathetic for her if she was dissolving..."

    check fb and you will see new pic, lawl