Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I told you so" and other depressing things

I am bored at work (ps thanks for paying me suckers! wooo gov't)

In any case this needed to be updated; so I thought I'd update it was a little, "I told you so"

Now I had made a comment a while back on how people should post less often, and instead update on a less often but more regular basis. Here is my analysis:

As of today the blog has been running for 20 days with a total of 18 posts. Kudos.

but. . . looking a bit deeper we see that

of the 18 posts, 16 posts were made in the first 10 days, and 1/3 of all posts were made in the first 3 days.

Now perhaps we may be forgiven, people (ie everyone ‘cept for me) have lives and so don’t post things perfectly spaced out but rather clumped together on the weekends. However, this pattern hasn’t been followed with last weekend being almost completely absent of posts and the last cluster of posts extending from Wednesday to Sunday rather than Friday to Sunday. In fact the second highest day for posts was a Wednesday, not a Friday or Saturday

All I can say is told you so. . .
We have good people here with good things to say, but it’s better to pace oneself rather than make a tonne of posts in one burst and then forget about the blog.

What can I say, I am a very sad government employee who has a big empty void in life and so I do things like this. Dammit I need something to obsess over, such as a hobby/significant other/political issue/drug problem

In conclusion, the world’s saddest bar graph

ps this took forever to do because I don't know how to put an excel file into a blogpost, so its actualyl just an excel screenshot pasted into paint, cropped and uploaded.

I ar good at computrz


  1. lollollol i absolutely love that you made a graph. that's enthusiasm right there :)

    and yeah, this week has been a little crazy for us vis arts kids but come friday we'll all have new finished paintings to post!

    perhaps another remedy for this deadness is to invite more people. i'll try and figure out how to make you an admin so u can invite anyone you'd think would be interested.

  2. i know no interesting people
    this is why im doing nothing else right now, or for any other day this week for that matter.

  3. I have 4 paintings due in 7 hours. After this happens, I'm going to launch into a new and radically different project starting Friday. I will post pics.... so far the concept art is horrific: mad dogs and dark hallways and the unseen.

    This has been a preview. Content of painting now buffering... 1% complete.